Alzheimer’s Neighborhood:
D’Arbonne Cove

Secure Special Care Section For Dementia Patients

Alzheimer's Caregiver

No one knows the challenges of living with Alzheimer’s or dementia like a spouse, daughter, son or any caregiver. When a loved one encounters the symptoms of this condition, they experience the same journey every step of along the way.

That is why allowing your loved one to move into a community that specializes in Alzheimer’s care can be difficult. You want to be sure he or she is being cared for and being with others who understand what is happening in his or her life. At D’Arbonne Cove you can feel comfortable knowing that your loved one is surrounded by staff who are specially trained in how to care and love them unconditionally.

You will be extending your family to include quality nurses, physicians, certified nursing assistants and other personnel, who will share this personal and emotional journey with your loved one and you. It is about family, support, loving and providing a safe environment for our residents. Residents will enjoy plenty of individual attention at D’Arbonne Cove. Keeping life simple and routine is important in the life of a resident with Alzheimer’s. Our staff realizes that each person is unique and even with Alzheimer’s no one should be treated the same.

For this reason, we continuously provide training to our staff and keep ourselves updated on the latest in Alzheimer’s care.

Staffed 24 hours a day, our special care section contains secured doors to protect residents from elopement, while allowing them the freedom to appreciate living in a comfortable home-like setting.

D’Arbonne Cove residents can also enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities like picnics in a beautiful courtyard of their very own. Also, an activity director is available to plan appropriate daily activities, thereby decreasing chances of difficult patient behaviors.

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